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Message to the Belgian citizens in South India

We herewith would like to inform you that the Consul General of Belgium will be out of India from Friday January 18, 2019 until Tuesday February 5, 2019.

During his absence, the Consulate General of Belgium in Chennai will remain open during regular office hours.

However, during this period we will not be able to offer the following consular services from our office in Chennai:

  1. Identity cards
  2. Legalisation
  3. Certified copies
  4. Consular certificates
  5. Life certificates
  6. Notarial deeds
  7. Professional card
  8. Mortuary certificates
  9. Civil Status and Nationality deeds certificates

For the above-mentioned services we would like to request you to postpone or advance your requests as much as possible. In case the delivery of such services would nevertheless be urgent during the absence of our Consul General, they can be obtained from our Consulate General in Mumbai:

TCG Financial Centre, 7th floor C-53, G-Block, Bandra Kurla Complex. Bandra (E) 

+91 22 265 210 16
+91 22 265 210 19
+91 22 265 210 17
+91 22 265 210 51