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'European Reintegration Network' - call for tenders

16 May 2016

Call for tender – ERIN Specific Action

The Dutch Repatriation and Departure Service of the Ministry of Security and Justice, on behalf of all ERIN partner countries, has launched a tender for a public contract for counselling and referral services to returnees who return to their countries of origin.

The European Reintegration Network (ERIN) is a programme funded by the European Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund. ERIN’s partner countries are 18 EU Member States and Associated Countries. Currently ERIN is operational in 11 target countries/ regions. In each target country/ region the programme has contracted a non-governmental or an intergovernmental organisation (NGO/ IGO) which is providing counselling and referral services to returning migrants. Due to an increase in demand ERIN is going to expand its services to 24 target countries/ regions. Civil society organisations interested in becoming an ERIN Service Provider are invited to submit a tender. The tender will close on 18 May 2016.

The tender and the corresponding documents can be found at http://www.tenderned.nl/tenderned-english.

The name of the call for tender is Tender ERIN Specific Action Project.
The TenderNed referece number is 100100.

TenderNed is the Dutch government’s online tendering system. All Dutch authorities are obliged to publish their national and European tenders on TenderNed’s announcement platform so businesses can access all public publications from a single webpage.

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