Embassy and Consulates of Belgium in India

Who's who

Federal staff at the Belgian Embassy

H.E. Mr. François DELHAYE,

Mr. Arnaud LION, 
Deputy Head of Mission

Mr. Lucas MUYLLE, 
Counsellor and Consul 
(Consular and Administrative Affairs)

Mrs Paula PUPE
First Secretary

Mrs Brigitte JADOUL, Visa Officer

Mr. Stanislas MOROVICH, Technical Officer

Mrs Véronique VAN CAMP, Administrative Officer

Contact the Embassy:
tel.: +91 11 4242 8000 
fax: +91 11 4242 8002 
e-mail: newdelhi@diplobel.fed.be


Regional staff at the Belgian Embassy 

Mr. Hubert GOFFINET, 
Trade & Investment Commissioner for Wallonia (AWEX)
and Brussels (hub.Brussels)

tel.: +91 11 4242 8200 
fax: +91 11 4242 8210 
e-mail: newdelhi@awex-wallonia.com
web: www.wallonia.in/en, en.investinwallonia.be,  invest-export.brussels/en_US/


Mrs Babette DESFOSSEZ, 
Investment and Trade Commissioner for Flanders (FIT)

tel.: +91 11 4242 8100 
fax: +91 11 4242 8110 
e-mail: newdelhi@fitagency.com
web: www.flandersinvestmentandtrade.com