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Registration in the consular registers

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Since the consular code came in to force on 15/06/2014, administrative assistance will only be provided to Belgians who are registered in the consular registers.

Your registration allows you to apply directly at the consular posting for your administrative services, such as issuing a passport, identity card or consular certificates (eg certificate of residence, certificate of registration, nationality certificate, certificate of family composition, life certificate, etc. )

You can also participate in the federal and European parliamentary elections in Belgium, if you also register on the electoral lists. read more in Dutch or in French ...

Family house hold members who do not possess the Belgian nationality can also be registered in the consular registers, for information purposes only. Indeed, this registration does not give them the right to obtain a Belgian identity card or passport, nor the right to be registered as a Belgian voter. For consular assistance, they must contact their own national consular representation.


One cannot be registered at the same time in the consular registers abroad and stay registered in the population registers of a Belgian city hall. So ask your city hall to cancel your registration with them before  you leave Belgium. The city hall  will give you a printed proof called "model 8". read more ...


1. From 30/11/2020 the Embassy of Belgium in New Delhi and the Consulate-General of Belgium in Mumbai offer you the possibility to register in the consular population registers via https://econsul.diplomatie.be/

You have access to this website if you :
- are Belgian
- are no longer registered in a Belgian commune, because you have informed this commune of your departure abroad
- have a valid and active Belgian eID
- know your PIN code and posess a card reader

2. However, registration remains possible by following the instructions below :

One does NOT have to appear in person at the Embassy or at the Consulate general for registration. All you have to do is send scanned copies of the following documents:

1. The form, duly completed, dated and signed. Please fill in one form per household  member.

You can find the forms here. Please note, the form differs depending on whether it is intended for an adult, a minor child or a family member with a nationality other than Belgian.

2. A photocopy of your Belgian identity card (eID)

For more information about the validity of an eID and how to apply for a new eID click here.

3. A photocopy of your Belgian passport

Click here to know where and how you can apply for a new passport.

4. A photocopy of the proof of your legal residence in the jurisdiction

for India: the long-term visa, the OCI card, ...
for Bhutan, Bangladesh, Maldives, Nepal, Sri Lanka: long-term visa, passport of that country if you possess it’s citizenship...

5. A photocopy of the proof of your current residence

- the "aadhaar" card
- or a recent document, less than 6 months old, drawn up in the name of the head of the household with a clear indication of the address  (eg energy bill - electricity / water / gas, telecom bill - tel / GSM / internet, rental agreement, school certificate of the child, ....).

6. The registration form (s) for elections for Belgians abroad

Only for Belgian members of the household who have reached the age of 18.

7. OPTIONAL: the "model 8", proving your name is scrapped from the population registers of the city hall

Only if you come from Belgium and it is still in your possession. If you did not request the city hall to cancel your registration, you still can by using  a template letter.


If your file is up-to-date, we can assist you more quickly, especially in cases where you need urgent humanitarian assistance (eg. in the event of accidents, disasters, evacuations, etc.). Please notify us of any changes after your registration:

Any change of residence within one month of the change using the appropriate form to which the supporting documents – see above - will be attached.

Any change of marital status, of yourself or of your family members, by means of a true certified copy  of - for example-  the marriage, divorce, birth or adoption act, a declaration of change of name.

Any change in the composition of your household.

Any change of nationality through an authentic act / certificate issued by the competent national authorities.

Any change you want to make in your voting option for the elections as well as any Belgian who reaches the age of 18 after registration. read more in Dutch or in French ...

The Consulate general will include these changes in your administrative file and adjust your data in the National Register.


When you return to Belgium or move to the jurisdiction of another Consulate general, do not forget to inform your Consulate general in writing about your departure.

If you are moving outside the jurisdiction of your present Consulate general, get registered again at  the  Consulate general competent for your new place of residence.

When you return to Belgium, you have 8 days after your arrival to report this to the city hall. You can find a lot of information in 'Back in Belgium' on the federal portal site in Dutch or in French.