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Marriage in India or another country of the jurisdiction

A Belgian citizen wishing to get married in India or a country of the jurisdiction (Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Maldives) has to submit amongst others a ‘Certificate of non-objection tomarriage’ (NOC) to the registrar (civil servant) of the municipality where the wedding will be celebrated. This certificate is issued by the Embassy or the Consulate General in English, never by an Honorary Consulate.

For more information regarding the other documents which have to be submitted for the wedding, you are kindly requested to contact the local authorities.

List of documents to be lodged with the Embassy/Consulate General (original and dated less than six months) in order to obtain the Certificate:

  • complete copy of your birth certificate;
  • certificate of registration in the population register of your place of residence, mentioning your name and first names, your Belgian nationality, your marital status and your address;
  • copy of the passport of your future spouse.

Once you have these documents, you can send a scanned copy for verification. 

Your future spouse and yourself will subsequently be invited for an interview with the Consul, either at the Embassy or at the Consulate General. This interview is mandatory in order to obtain the NOC, which is usually issued the same day.